Mrs. Winthrop's Class Tools

Graphing in a 4 quadrant coordinate plane.

 stocking shelves                                  BATTLESHIP

MazeGame  Choose more mines to make the game more challenging.

another one   This one is only on quadrant I

Strategy Games


Click on the lightbulb to begin thinking blocks ratio word problems


Simplifying Fractions - Fresh Baked Fractions   Choose the fraction that doesn't belong.  3 are equivalent.        

Reduce fractions SPLAT                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Order Integers

Order decimals - Place decimal numbers in order.  (Choose  -10 to 10.  For more of a challenge choose Tricky Decimals.)   

Guess my number

Multiply fractions Snow Sprint

Ratio Blaster

Ratio Stadium


Order of Operations

Order of Operations Royal Rescue click on the X .    

Who Wants to Be  a Hundredaire?  $$$$

High Stakes Heist.  

Connect Four 4444  

Math Frog is a timed game

Writing Algebraic Expressions

Who Wants to be a Hundredaire?

Choose correct expression

Order decimals - Place decimal numbers in order.  (Choose Ascending -10 to 10.  For more of a challenge choose Tricky Decimals.)        

Fraction, Decimal,  Percent sort

click on the name to start  Decention Jr  

DECIMAL SHARKS - rounding to nearest hundredth
Practice graphing inequalities


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